Back-to-Work Membership
75 USD  / month
49.50 USD off the first 2 months
Renews automatically
Minimum Commitment
2 months

Chances are, your next role won't come from Indeed or Monster or some other high-power job posting site - 85% of jobs are acquired through networking. We want to give you a place to embark on your job hunt, connect with solo-preneurs and remote workers, and network your way into your next role.

We are offering a two-month membership for those who have recently been laid-off and/or are looking for their next gig for $99. After your two-months is up, we're happy to help make the case for you new employer for why a $75/mo membership is totally worth it!

*This membership is valid for 60 days from the start date and only available to first-time Speak Easy members.

Booking Credits
Booking Credit
Breakout Room 1 / Breakout Room 2 / Breakout Room 3
+ 2 more
80h/month included (combined)
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